The Kata of Lion’s Roar Kempo Karate & Jitsu and their Origins

Lion’s Roar Kempo Karate & Jitsu Kata
White Belt, 9th Kyu:

Kihon Te Waza – Yoshukai

Ippon No Kata 1-5 – Wado Ryu

Ippon Kumite 1-3

Yellow Belt, 8th Kyu:

Kihon no Kata – KoChinDo Kempo

Ippon Kumite 4-6

Yellow Belt, 7th Kyu:

Wanshu – WadoRyu

Ippon Kumite 7-10

Green Belt, 6th Kyu:

Nifanshi Ishi – Ko Chin Do Kempo

Ippon Kumite 11-13

Green Belt, 5th Kyu:

Nifanshi Ni – Ko Chin Do Kempo

Nunchaku Kata 1

Ippon Kumite 14-16

Geen Belt, 4th Kyu:

Nifanshi San – Ko Chin Do Kempo

Nago No Kun (Bo kata)

Ippon Kumite 17-20

Brown Belt, 3rd Kyu:

Seisan – Yoshukai

Gihon Kumite 1-3

Brown Belt, 2nd Kyu:

Kusanku – Wado Ryu

Sai Kata

Gihon Kumite 4-6

Brown Belt, 1st Kyu:

Passai – Shoto Kai

Gihon Kumite 7-10


Niseishi – Wado Ryu

Tui-fa Kata


Chinto – Shoto Kai


Seipai – Shito Ryu

Kama Kata

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