The top 10 reasons Aikido training is like S&M

10. You go to a special place, get dressed in special clothes and tell someone how to hurt you

9. You pay to have it done to you

8. The more you do it. The harder and faster you want it.

7. Practitioners of both arts stay up all night looking for their stuff on the internet.

6. It can take your relationship to a new level if you can get you spouse involved.

5. You always say “Thank You” to the person hurting you when they are done.

4. Even if someone gets really hurt, chances are they’ll do it again.

3. “The more you relax, the less this will hurt!”

2. No one understands why you do it except other people involved in the activity.

1. You inflict pain in an effort to get your partner horizontal. And then it’s your turn. And you’re glad!



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