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August 16, 2015

Bunkai Lesson One

Some nice Bunkai information

Bushinkai Academy

Bunkai means to analyse kata to come up with applications (Oyo). In Toshu Jutsu our first kata is called Channan Shodan (known in Shorin Ryu, Shito Ryu and Wado Ryu as Pinan Shodan and in Shotokan as Heian Nidan). I will cross reference my applications with those of Karate Jutsu master Choki Motobu and with reference to the Bubishi.

Move 1: The opening double block, punch and hammerfist.

funakoshiMy opponent swings a punch and I check it. Importantly I am not stepping away from the attack, I am moving right in, to upset his Kuzushi.

move1 I jam my elbow right in to his chest and keep myself well covered. My none-blocking hand is LIVE to anticipate an attack from the other hand

As I’m close I now strike quickly with the right hand. This is assuming he does not launch a counter strike. We will deal with the counter strike possibility…

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