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July 20, 2015

Hung Kuen Master Leung Daiyau

I came across this rare footage of Hung Kuen Master Leung Daiyau at 90 years of age preforming “Snake Guiding the Crane” set and wanted to share. Watch as even at this advanced age, he has the energy, spring, and flexibility of an athletically toned young man!



November 3, 2012

Wahlum Praying Mantis Kungfu – Mako – tai chi

June 24, 2012

Revenge for martial arts expert as she turns the table on attackers

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 12:11 EST, 23 June 2012 | UPDATED: 12:31 EST, 23 June 2012


Two teenage thugs got what they deserved last Friday when a woman they tried to attack turned out to be martial arts pro.

Priscilla Dang, 23, was targeted by the bike-riding teens while out jogging in Vancouver, Washington.

One of the yobs pulled up in front of her, blocking her path, while the other grabbed her from behind.

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Squaring up: Dang demonstrates her martial arts skillsSquaring up: Dang demonstrates her martial arts skills

Don't mess: Dang has been training in Kung Fu since the age of fiveDon’t mess: Dang has been training in Kung Fu since the age of five

But they got more than they bargained for as she quickly sprang into action, drawing on her 18 years of Kung Fu training to teach the boys a lesson.

‘I grabbed [one of the boys] and said, “You need to apologize, and he did”,’ Dang told

The second teen was less willing to admit defeat, however, and began swearing at her.

Revenge: Dang escaped without injury and said she thinks she taught the thugs a lessonRevenge: Dang escaped without injury and said she thinks she taught the thugs a lesson

‘It just made something snap in me – it’s not OK. It’s so disrespectful,’ she said.

She punched the teen twice, square in the face, while skirting his flailing fists.

‘He started coming in for a few, and I was lucky enough to dodge his shots. I came up for another one and I got him good, and I think that upset him,’ she told the news station.

It upset him so much, in fact, that he pulled out a knife, which Dang shielded herself from with his bike, the news channel reported, before deciding to back off.

She escaped without injury and said she thinks she taught the thugs a lesson. ‘I think they knew they messed with the wrong girl,’ she said.

Two witnesses called 911 and one of the attackers, 18-year-old Josiah Sullivan, was arrested.

A younger boy, aged 16, was taken home to his parents and will be judged by a juvenile prosecutor.

Investigators did not find the knife, which Dang said had a four-inch blade.

Watch the video here:

October 30, 2011

Martial Arts in Nature

October 26, 2011

15 year old Girl with expert Wing Chun. Very Fast!

October 23, 2011

Another Good Reason to Learn to Protect Yourself

Karate girl, 11, fights off attacker in Bristol

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Profile image for Bristol Evening PostBristol Evening Post


AN 11-year-old girl used her karate skills to fight off a man who attacked her as she was walked to school.

Jade Pidden noticed a man following her in a secluded lane in Stockwood.

  1. Jade Pidden

    Jade Pidden, 11, below, fought off a man who tried to grab her

The brave schoolgirl tried to run away but the man grabbed her by her rucksack, and that’s when Jade’s three years of karate training kicked in.

She used all her strength to elbow him in the chest and punch him in the face, causing her shocked attacker to flee.

When Jade got to school she told the receptionist what happened and the on-site police officer was informed.

Police are investigating the disturbing incident and asking for witnesses to come forward.

Brown-belt Jade says she first spotted the man when she turned off Lyons Court Road and into Winash Close.

By the time she reached the lane running between the Imperial ground field and Knowle golf course she said he was right behind her and asking to speak to her.

Jade ran away through a gap in the fence and into the field, pursued by the man who managed to grab her rucksack.

But she fought back, delivering the blows that saw her attacker run off.

Jade, who has a twin sister Amber, said: “I had walked ahead of my sister and her friend when I saw a man following me. I ran away but he grabbed my bag which was over both my shoulders on my back – I think he was trying to attack me.

“He was trying to grab me, not my bag. The bag was just something he was able to get hold of when I ran.

“When he did I just automatically responded by elbowing him in the chest and punching him in the face.

“He looked pretty shocked and ran away with his hand over one eye. I was quite upset but my sister and her friend comforted me on the rest of the way to school.”

Jade’s parents, pictured with their daughter, believe the incident may have been an abduction attempt.

Her mum Carly Maughan, 31, a nursing home housekeeper, said: “When I was phoned by the police I was so shocked – it really didn’t sink in. Then I became very upset.

“The police say they think it was a attempted robbery but that’s not my gut feeling. I’m so proud of her – she was very brave.”

Jade’s dad Stuart, 33, a self-employed mechanic, added: “Jade just lashed out and I am glad she did. Clearly three years of karate lessons has paid off.

“The police say it was an attempted robbery but why would anyone want a bag with homework in? We worry it was something worse and are concerned if it happened again the girl might not be so lucky.”

Simon Hall, Jade’s instructor at the Bristol Martial Arts Academy in Hengrove, said: “I rang her dad to make sure she was OK after I heard what had happened.

“We think Jade will be looking at doing her black belt in March next year. It just goes to show a little bit of training can go a long way.”

Jade described the man as white, 6ft tall, slim, in his early 20s, with light brown hair and a long fringe.

She said he was wearing a blue hoodie, with white writing and tight jeans with black and white Nike trainers.

A police spokesman said: “Police received a report of an attempted robbery in Stockwood on October 6 at 8.15am. A young girl was walking to school when she was followed by an unknown man.

“She ran into Imperial field and the male ran after her and tried to grab her bag.

“She managed to push away the man with some force and he ran off in the direction of Ellesmere Road.

“Police are in contact with the victim and her family and would ask anyone with information to contact us on 101 or anonymously on Crimestoppers 0800 555111.”

June 3, 2011

Naifanchi / Naihanchi / Tekki Kata

Lately I’ve been spending some much-needed time practicing Naifanchi Kata. This has always been one of my favorite forms. It can be found in every major karate system in various degrees. It was Sokon Matsumura (1796-1893) who is said to have brought Naihanchi into karate. ‘Anko‘ Yasutsune Itsou (1830-1915) a student of Matsumura specialised in Naihanchi and believed that it was both, “the easiest and hardest kata to learn”.

It is my belief that Naifanchi Kata is a complete fighting/self-defense system in its own right. There is much depth in the kata that many students never understand nor take the time to master. One of the reasons is that the kata is broken down into three steps, (Shodan, Nidan & Sandan) to make learning the form much easier and I believe to hide many of the “truths” of the kata.

As I have traveled the world and practiced in many dojo, I have found that there are very few Martial Artist that practice all three parts of the form and even rarely putting the three parts together to complete the whole form. Most school & styles practice Shodan with some having learned and teach Nidan. Many of the instructors I talk to say their instructors know Sandan but they themselves haven’t learned or been taught it. And over the years I’ve only talked to a few that say they knew it was one whole kata broken down into three parts.

Each time I practice the kata, I learn more and more about it. In thinking about the techniques that are in the form, I find that it is a well-rounded form. To think that Nifanchi is a fighting system all on its own is not hard to believe nor is it all that far-fetched. It used to be said that in order to master (understand) a form, it must be practiced daily for three years. Being broken down into three parts, we find that it actually takes 9 years to master Nifanchi. I have been practicing it for over 30 years now and am still having insights to its techniques. Even after all these years, I still feel if I haven’t achieved mastery of the kata yet. (Will I ever?)

Choki Motobu (1871-1944) taught many grappling and throwing techniques all from the Nifanchi Kata and was the kata he emphasised in his teachings. If you’re interested in having highly effective close in fighting techniques, then Nifanchi is the Kata you need to study and master. Not just one part of the form either. You must seek out and learn all three aspects of the form, putting them together as a complete form and you will find great insight to how many of your techniques you will begin to understand with deeper meaning.

May 16, 2011

Watch “Tai Chi Masters Battle” on YouTube

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October 27, 2010

suki – Opening

Suki in Japaenes martial arts refers to an opening or momentery laps in concentration. It is at this moment you must strike! Suki usually last only for a fraction of a moment. It is when the mind begins to drift. You must detect the suki and attack as the mind floats, or in other words, “Strike while the iron is hot.”

In Japan the say is; “Fill the void with technique.” or sente – to take the initiative.