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August 30, 2009


Jun-tsuki and jun-tsuki no tuskkomi are both forward moving punches done with the lead hand. Though they can be thrown towards the body, usually it is a head strike. Un-like the boxer’s jab, jun-tsuki is a commited punch. In other words, when it is thrown, the punch will not be poked out and retracted in an exploratory manner to see how your opponent will react. Rather, it is thrown with power and force in a straigh line towards the target to inflict as much damage upon impact.

Start by standing in a relaxed stance with both fist facing forwards towards your opponent. When your opponent begans his attack towards you, at the same exact time you will begin throwing your jun-tsuki. This is called Sen Sen-No-Sen; In this situation both you and your opponent are ready and willing to attack. Your attack must be made first in a spilt second between the time your opponent mentally commits to the attack and the moment he begins his actual movement. His commitment to attack will prevent him responding with a defence.

At that moment, you will extend your front lead leg forward droping into a zenkutsu datchi (long forward stance), at the same time your lead hand will move upwards from it’s placement, in a straight line, without first cocking, extending forward towards it target.

At completion of the techique, the fist makes contact, the front foot stops its movement with the front knee bent over the foot, the back leg straight and locked, the leading arm shoulder is forward as is the front hip whike the other hand is pulled back. All muscles tighten upon impact with extreme mental focus and then relax.

Jun-tauki no tsukkomi is simular to the above except the stance is modified in that the back leg actuall sweeps sideways beind the front leg and the upper torso turns sideways and leans forward as if you drew a line from the back foot to the front punch, it (the body) would look as if a long spear was extended from the ground to the target all in line. This is used when you want to slip past your opponents attack using tai sabaki (body shifting)